Unlucky weekend for Francesco Pizzi at Red Bull Ring

Sep 18, 2020News

Third round of Italian F4 Championship did not smile to Francesco Pizzi. Three delicate races in which Francesco aren’t protagonist but forced him just to stem the damage. Now it’s time to Mugello.

Turbulent weekend for Francesco on Red Bull Ring. Yet qualifying bode well, with a fourth place in Race 1, P6 in Race 2 and P8 in Race 3.

On Saturday, in Race 1, the fourth position on the starting grid is an excellent window on what could be a good day. Instead the race, as always, is unexpected.

On the hot asphalt of the Red Bull Ring, a lot of accidents happened, causing the Safety Car several times, which shortens the group but stresses the drivers. The result is an uninspiring sixth place, behind Duerksen, Minì, Edgar, Crawford and Beaman.

In Race 2 Francesco starts sixth and, after the opening minutes of brawl, he can’t find the right race pace. It soon becomes clear that it is a bad day and Francesco lets himself be overtaken by riders more in the day than him, like Delli Guanti. In the end, Francesco’s position is eighth, after a race in which he has never been a protagonist but has only defended the positions. The race goes to Crawford.

In Race 3 the starting position is eighth. This time, unlike Race 2, Francesco manages to overtake by 2 positions finishing, after an orderly and diligent race, in sixth place.
The last race allows him to regain some confidence after the disappointing Race 2, but makes him lose the first position in the standings, he is now second at 105 points. Gabriele Minì precedes him with 141, followed by Jonny Edgar with 97. Appointment on 4th October at Mugello for Round 4.

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