Nov 30, 2020News

Penultimate weekend of the 2020 Italian F4 season, Francesco ends with a flourish with a Race 3 to be framed


The last weekend of this year season of Italian F4 ends on high note with a race 3 to frame.

The last appointment of this year season of Formula 4 but one, took place in Imola.

It was been a very rich and exciting season which will end on 5th-6th December in the circuit in Vallelunga. Tension is very high as the competition is next to an end.

Someone would like getting a revenge after a disappointing season in order to leave a good image , someone tries to get some points in order to leave forward in the championship.

Francesco is facing up to the competition with the desire to consolidate the second position and he weakly hopes in the pole position thanks to mathematical calculation.

However, in Imola the weekend starts with some difficulties, so Francesco starts distant from the first lines.

Infact at the end of the two turns of qualification the result is P12 in Race 1.

P12 in Race 2 and P9 in Race 3.

The Emilian weekend starts with some difficulties because of some penalties happened to 2 pilots , but Francesco faces the first competition with courage.

He gains two positions points thanks to the penalties we have already mentioned.

Francesco wants to forget the qualifications at the very beginning and thanks to his overtakings, he arrives to the seventh position.

Then he looses some speed and becomes ninth.

He his far from Minì, winner of the competition, he struggles with Dino Beganovic for the second position.

Next sunday morning it will take place competition race 2.

Francesco is twelfth, but he arrives to the seventh position thanks to his courage (and fearless).

But when one of the safety cars enter the circuit Francesco spins through at the exit of Tamburello, he succeeds in leaving again, but he doesn’t mind points anymore.

As usual he can recover 5 positions but at the end he retires from the competition. This is the second zero in the championship.

As he wants to revive himselves, he begins race 3 with his usual attitude, the attitude of a warrior.

And he gets a lot of satisfaction and thanks to a series of overtakings he against the fifth position. But the fifth position isn’t a full victory.

In the meantime Minì becomes victorious and Francesco congratulates his friend and rival of hall times (from the time of kart).

Now, waiting for Vallelunga, the last appointment of the championship, a few kilometers away from Francesco’s to conclude a “very rich and exciting” season, he tries to confirm the second position.

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