Francesco’s masterpiece in Monza, the Italian F4 Championship is open again

Oct 21, 2020News

An unforgettable weekend for Francesco, for the Championship and for the Italian Formula 4. In Monza 3 exciting races reopen the season


An unforgettable weekend in Monza, made of twists, photo finishes, disqualifications, accidents, exploits. A weekend dominated by Francesco since the testing days, which allows the number 51 to reopen the championship in view of the last 2 events in Imola and Vallelunga, with 6 races left.

After tests, where Francesco sets amazing times, it is already clear that it may be the right weekend, there is the right atmosphere, the flow you need, the right rhythms.

In the first free practice Francesco is fifth, almost a second behind Ugran, the first set. In the second free practice session Francesco is third, behind Rosso and Minì. It is already clear that the three of them will be competing for important points of the weekend.

When is the moment, Francesco starts to really push, scoring the best time in the first round, third in the second. He collects a pole position, a P3 and a P6.

Race 1 begins on Saturday at 3.15 pm, no one knows why, but already from the warm up you can breathe a special air, the air of great days, of races that pass into myth. In fact, from the very first corners, the race is a pure spectacle for eyes, ears and coronaries. The half hour of the competition is a continuous “everyone standing on the sofa”. An exceptional sporting test, with overtaking and counter-overtaking, braking to the limit, drawn curves, an incredible duel of all, first of all Francesco and Gabriele Minì, who alternate in command until the end. “One of the most beautiful races in the history of Formula 4” is how the official voice of Italian Formula 4 defines it.

On the last lap, indeed at the last corner, after Francesco has been leading almost the entire race, Minì manages to pass outside and overtake Francesco in the photo finish, by just 15 thousandths. Great joy for Minì, great disappointment for Francesco. But you know, the great races, the great duels, sometimes last even beyond the natural time. In fact, the final result is overturned by the race direction, who punishes Minì for overtaking off the track, relegating him and assigning to Francesco the victory of one of the most beautiful races in living memory of this federation.

Race 2, it would also have been counted among the best races at least of the season. Monza always gives us great emotions. We start with Rosso on pole, but out for technical problems. Without Rosso it remains for Francesco and Minì to fight for the first place, an exciting duel until the end, when this time Francesco does not let himself be mocked at the parabolic and manages to finish first on the track. Two races, two wins, 50 points. Chapeau.

At 3:50 pm on Sunday the last act of a weekend that would already be spatial is staged. Francesco starts sixth, but in a few corners manages to get to third position. You can see immediately that he is on fire, like the weekend, like the week. Francesco continues to roar and even passes first, taking advantage of the accident between Rosso and Minì who both end up out of the game. In the second half of the race Francesco feels the pressure of an ever faster Delli Guanti, he manages to hold on for a few laps but in the end, due to the worn tires, he is unable to keep up with the fastest and has to settle for P4. A fourth place that nevertheless seals a perfect weekend, with two wins out of three and the championship reopened.

The Italian Formula 4 greets and thanks Monza, for giving the season the best weekend of the year, with Francesco as the absolute protagonist. The rest of the championship can be told in numbers: Minì 215, Francesco 179, Rosso 139. 22 November Imola, 6 December Vallelunga. The countdown for this awesome end of season has already begun.

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