Francesco is going on with his period of adapting to the new category. Next race in Montecarlo in order to do better and better.

May 11, 2021News

Francesco is going on with his period of adapting to the new category. Next race in Montecarlo in order to do better and better.


The second race of the formula Regional European Championship by Alpine took place in the second weekend of May in Barcelona, Spain. A fantastic event which preceeded the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Francesco becomes more and more selfconfident in this new championship in which he is a rookie. During the weekend it was rather cold and the circuit was more rubbery than the Imola one. The climate and the more robbery track affect his way of driving and limit the whole conduct of the races, including the free tests and the qualifications: he gains the 17th position in the first session and the 15th position in the second one.

The going gets tough and motors start pawing to get to the heart of the competion since Saturday morning, the great day of Race 1. When the traffic lights go out , the Roman pilot fails to engage the first gear, so he starts a bit slowly, thus loosing ten positions. He recovers some positions during the race, but he crosses the finish line twenty-first.. Gabriel Saucy from Switzerland wins the Race, followed in second place by the Italian Gabriele Mini and in third place by Paul Aron from Estonia.

A fun and heated Race , thanks to the exciting duels between Isack Hadjar and Dino Beganovic first for the seventh place and then for the ninth place among Beganovic, Franco Colapinto and Zane Maloney . After a bittersweet Saturday Francesco gets back on track for Race 2 on Sunday. The Roman pilot wants to emerge and this will is stronger than the difficulties to face. In fact he obtains his best result of the season gaining the fifteenth position.But what matters most is that he has got all the necessary information to do well in the next circuits, as he has taken more confidence with the new category. Gabriel Saucy wins again, real showman of the Spanish weekend, sitting on the podium together with Alex Quinn , English pilot (second place)and Isack Hadjar, French pilot (third place) and author of two fabulous overtakings .

Imola and Barcelona mark the official baptism of Francesco Pizzi in the Formula Regional European championship by Alpine and are the right wealth of experience to aim for the points area in the next future.

Time is a gentleman and runs fast: in fact on May 20 th tests will start, and he will run again in wonderful Montecarlo. In this frame Francesco will put into practice all the acquired experience and details until now.

See you in the Principality of Monaco. See you soon!!!

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